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Deedar Pakistani Stage Actess Wallpapers

Deedar Pakistani Stage Actess Wallpapers
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Deedar (born Sonia Idress on May 15, 1979 in Lahore) is a Pakistani stand-up comedian and stage dancer and actress. She is famous for her work in Punjabi dramas.

  • Deedar_001_entertainmentlands
  • Deedar_0023_entertainmentlands
  • Deedar_003_entertainmentlands
  • Deedar_004_entertainmentlands
  • Deedar_007_entertainmentlands
  • Deedar_008_entertainmentlands
  • Deedar_009_entertainmentlands
  • Deedar_0011_entertainmentlands
  • Deedar_0010_entertainmentlands

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