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Thugs Of Hindostan Trailer Review: Fans Waited More From Aamir Khan and Amitabh Bachchan

The long-awaited trailer for Thugs Of Hindostan has already been released and has already become a hot topic of debate. The trailer shows Amitabh Bachchan, Aamir Khan, Fatima Sana Shaikh and Katrina Kaif in a fiery avatar. And we are here with the reactions of the fans towards the trailer. Fans are visiting the microblog site, Twitter, to share their opinions on the TOH trailer! While some are very impressed, some are very disappointed.

“#ThugsOfHindostanTrailer The only good thing about this movie is its production value, otherwise neither Aamir nor Mr. Bachchan will impact, I thought something great is coming out of the Confessions of Thug novel, but disappointed.”

“Very disappointed with the #ThugsOfHindostanTrailer, I thought it would be about Thugee, it looks like a patriotic, silly version of Pirates of the Caribbean, the thugs were not pirates, the same old English as the plot of the bad guys, and all those dialogues. about azaadi? Pathetic! “

“#ThugsOfHindostanTrailer Overdramatic and mediocre All abt khudabaksh & firangi, it seems that female characters are only for pot roles Amir looks so especially in front of BigB, that no one can beat his charm and presence on the screen.”

“At least I should have put a little more effort into having the character of Aamir Khan have fun, Jack Sparrow as an adapted character has an incalculable potential. #ThugsOfHindostanTrailer”.

“Movie will be Superhit, Trailer is awesome with good production value, Aamir Journey from Kamina to DeshBhakt will be emotional, congratulations to Big B. But why CGI shit? We are living in the world of Baahubali. such bad CGI. Cartoonish #ThugsOfHindostanTrailer “

“#ThugsOfHindostanTrailer Once again, I’m saying a brilliant work by VIJAY KRISHNA ACHARYA who did exactly the same thing we saw at POC and takes pride in being a superstar like AAMIR in India who can make a movie for a large banner without any script and only for money like DHOOM3 and TOH. “

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