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Amrita Rao HD Wallpapers

Amrita Rao HD  Wallpapers
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Born: June 17,1981 Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
Zodiac: Gemini

Amrita rao (pronounced [əmriːt̪a ːraːʋ]) is an indian
film actress and model. she has appeared in hindi films of bollywood as
well as a few films in telugu. born and raised in mumbai, rao made her
screen debut in ab ke baras (2002). she rose to prominence as the lead
actress in ishq vishk (2003) and was nominated for the filmfare best
female debut award for her role.

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  • Amrita_Rao_HD_Wallpapers_entertainmentlands.com_012
  • Amrita_Rao_HD_Wallpapers_entertainmentlands.com_013

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