Meri Shapath

Meri Shapath Discripition: Meri Shapath is the Hindi dubbed version of Telugu movie starring Gopichand, Anushka Shetty and Poonam Kaur. Vija...

Meri Shapath


Meri Shapath is the Hindi dubbed version of Telugu movie starring Gopichand, Anushka Shetty and Poonam Kaur.

Vijay (Gopichand) comes to Kolkata in search of his lost sister (Poonam Kaur). In a series of events he ends up getting caught in a brawl with some goons and in self defence chops a man's arm off. Later Vijay approaches a college in Kolkata to apply for a job and he is asked to get a signature in the sports quota. He later meets Gymson (Ali) and finds out he is the strongest teacher in the college. He meets a bubbly college girl Swetha (Anushka Shetty) and soon, they fall in love. One day, the gangster's son named Ajay finds out that Vijay is alive and he swears to avenge his father's lost arm. At a party, Ajay found Swetha and asks if she wants to sleep with him. Swetha was disrespected and embarrassed, then later, Ajay follows her and Divya, and cornering the girls with his men. After his father sent him a picture of the person he needs to abduct, Ajay found out that Divya is the key and forced to take her badly. Divya was able to escape from the goons then he finds a man who comes to rescue her, who is apparently Vijay, and he fights them successfully. Divya was injured by the goons but rescued by Vijay. And Vijay revealed to Swetha that he was looking for Divya, his long lost separated sister who hated him for ignoring her before. He was forced to ignore her sister, for his dream for her to have a better life than to live in the streets with him, and he hide his identity from her until he found her in the present day that was painful. But when gangsters chase Swetha and Vijay, Vijay was forced to fight and kill some of Ajay's goons which made Swetha scared on Vijay on the way he fights bloodily.

Then Vijay's story is told in flashbacks on how he was separated and looked for his sister and because of his past job to track down a local gangster don named Shivaram Gaud (Manoj K. Jayan) who wanted to control the colony and brought misery to the colony. After the recent fight, Ajay vows to kill Vijay for his father. Vijay fights and punished Ajay and his goons without any mercy.And afterwards, Vijay brought back Ajay and his goons back to the colony (who fears the goons because of scaring the place) and Vijay made the colony beat Ajay and his goons down.

The enraged Shivaram stormed over the colony to take control badly by taking the place's papers in his name, but unknown by him, Vijay had got the place's papers and scared him to get out of the colony (which Vijay had brought back their honor to fight for their rights) or the colony will beat him like his son. But still bad, Shivaram vowed to take revenge again for both of himself and his son, to Vijay. But Vijay, intelligently crashed his convoy and injected him a poison and called him that he will die if he will not do whatever Vijay tells him because he holds the antidote. Shivaram, determined to live, did everything what Vijay said including asking fogiveness to people he maltreated, and settling his police issues. But in the end was cornered by police because of Vijay's intelligence.

Vijay became a hero of the colony and feasted with them but had not yet told Divya that he is her brother. He and Swetha were united by his sister's wish. But it is then revealed that Shivaram was out from prison again and revealed that Ajay had died. Shivaram had learned that Vijay's sister is Divya and kidnapped her as bait, for Vijay to rescue her. Shivaram revealed to Divya about the true relation of Vijay to her, that made her finally accept him as her brother, and Vijay had one last bloody fight with Shivaram.