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Faasle | Coke Studio Season 10 – Episode 2

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18 August 2017 | 5:23 min

A masterfully produced ballad, Faasle is a powerful tale of unrequited love. The signature Kaavish sound is etched onto every microtone of the arrangement with Jaffer Zaidi’s sonorous, melancholic vocals and Maaz Maudood’s soul-stirring guitar tones. Alongside the duo, shining through the musical landscape of the song, Quratulain Balouch uncovers previously unchartered territory as her textured, emotive vocals seasons the song into one of the sweetest manifestation of heartbreak and loss. Floating on a cushion of warm, layered keys and nostalgic backing vocals, Faasle is an ode to love found and love lost.

Coke Studio Season 10 - Episode 2

Kalam :   Faasle

Singer :   Kaavish , Quratulain Balouch

Producer :  Strings

Direcor :  Strings

Music Director :   Jaffer Zaidi

Composed by :   Jaffer Zaidi

Lyrics by  :   Jaffer Zaidi

  1. Faasle Lyrics

    hooye faasale
    A chasm has opened up


    jhooṭe silsile
    All paths have failed


    ṭooṭe hooye dil jaaen kahaan
    What cure is there now for broken hearts?


    mujhe jo khushi mili nah kabhi
    The happiness that always remained beyond my reach


    jaaye tere sang jaaye tu jahaan
    May you be blessed with it wherever you may go


    meri yih du‘a hai kih tera jeewan yoonhi
    I pray fervently that you continue to prosper in life


    chalta rahe saari khaahishen hoon poori
    And that all your hopes and dreams may come true


    teri dunya men nah ho yih kami
    May your world never reflect the barrenness of mine


    nah ho yih kami
    Never reflect the barrenness of mine


    yaad hai mujhe teri har ada
    Your each and every memory is etched into my heart


    muskuraahaṭen teri
    The way you would smile at me


    tera mujh se chupke se yoon kahna kih tu hai meri
    The way you would whisper to me that “You belong only to me”


    jaane yih kya ho gaya
    God only knows how it came to this pass


    ho gaye juda
    How we came to be driven apart


    tere waaste sab hi raasate
    I abandoned everything for you


    chhoṛ ke main aayi yahaan
    I burnt all my boats to come here to you


    tu to nah mila
    But you never became mine


    yoonhi chal diya
    You simply walked away


    le ke mera dil jaane tu kahaan
    I don’t know where you disappeared, taking my heart with you


    jaaoon ga kahaan
    Where would I go?


    main to hoon yahaan
    I’m still right here


    tere dil ki aahaṭon men hoon
    I’m present in every beat of your heart


    sapnon men tu
    You’re in my dreams when I sleep


    sochon men tu
    In my thoughts when I’m awake


    har lamhe men tu
    At each and every moment, you’re with me


    dhaṛke yih dil tere hi liye
    My heart beats for no one but you


    hoga kisi ka nah ab yih
    Now it will never belong to anyone else


    ja raha hoon main
    I am saying goodbye


    ja rahi hoon main
    I am saying goodbye


    ja raha hoon main
    I am saying goodbye


    ja rahi hoon main
    I am saying goodbye

    Translation by:  Zahra Sabri


Coke Studio Season 10

Coke Studio

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