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Pakistan lost the film and the cinema industry, Meera

Pakistan lost the film and the cinema industry, Meera
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LAHORE (SHOWBOX DESCRIPTION) The film starrera said that the specific lobby has been adopting such a hack to Pakistan, Pakistan and Sansima Industries, once again on the back of the reign, which will not improve, but will only harm. Casting specific movies to movies, dramas and TV commercials are proof of this. The next series, the series continues to be tuned. The movie and the Sinema industry will have to be seen as ruins. My actor said that Pakistan expresses reference to the new innings of the film industry and it is also talked of about the technology, but it does not feel that the beginning of the new innings is just like a ghost. The pastures are in the past, their errors are being dispatched. If we look at Hollywood or Bollywood, Shahrukh, Tom Cruise, Aamir, Broadcast Salman orakash Kumar are not censored in the movies, there is a new face or a different movie in the movie, but there is a lot of joy in us. Pakistan has taken the film industry to Bahrain, it is being talked about access to its international market. He said that a special lobby has pledged to not curb senators. Due to which the quality of movies did not improve. Otherwise, the different types of work will be very bad. I understand that even if the right direction is yet to be adopted and opportunities to provide good and talented artists instead of special faces will be positive.

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