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Maheera Khan has been the third most popular woman in Pakistan

Maheera Khan has been the third most popular woman in Pakistan
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Pakistani actor Maheera Khan has been the most attractive woman in Pakistan for the third year.

The list of 50 attractive and charming women has been named in the list published by the British magazine.

In this list, Indian actoress Parantha Chopra is present at the first number, while Pakistani singer Momina Stahsen is also included in it.

British magazine has called the famous actor Maheera Khan of the movie and TV’s most attractive woman in the third year of Pakistan, while the magazine has also praised Pakistani singer Momina Stahsen to highlight social issues.

This magazine publishes a list of attractive people especially Asia-based especially Asia, every year.

This year, for actoress Maheera Khan is ending with remarkable achievements in which she also played the role with Bollywood Actor shaw Rukh Khan.

In his reaction to the charming woman, Pakistani actress said she was feeling very happy about her.

The Pakistani singer, Momina Mustahsen, is also named as the contractor and is ranked 37th in the list.

Priankaka Chopra in the list of 50 most adept women listings of Asia, Indian TV actoress New Sharma is second, Dipka Pudukun’s third and Aaya Bhatt.

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